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Noise XT Announces a New Phase Noise Generator Establishing Industry’s First Phase Noise Calibrator
PNG-A is light and affordable and calibrates instruments in minutes

HONOLULU—INTERNATIONAL MICROWAVE SYMPOSIUM 2017— Booth #1936—June 5, 2017—Noise XT today introduced the world’s first phase noise generator, setting the commercial standard for all phase noise calibration. The PNG-A (Phase Noise Generator) is small and light, weighing just 2 lbs. At under $3,000, every bench can afford one. The PNG-A is the first signal source to deliver a signal with mathematically computed phase noise in real time.

No standard for phase noise
“There is no test industry standard for phase noise calibration,” said Guillaume De Giovanni, president, Noise XT. “This is a new type of instrument in the phase noise industry; no one has ever released such universal solution.” PNG-A’s applications are spread across the RF, microwave, and digital industries. Typical users are engineers in calibration labs or production test environments who need to speed up phase noise testing and calibration.

De Giovanni continued, “As circuits become more complex, they cannot tolerate the slightest noise. Accurate detection and depiction of phase noise is critical for rapid 5G development.”              

Features and technology of the PNG-A
The PNG-A is a small instrument that allows engineers and cal labs the opportunity to calibrate without wasting time building large equipment set-ups. With the PNG-A, users can verify their phase noise analyzers, jitter analyzers, and spectrum analyzers, all in a few minutes. 

The user can design the exact phase noise shape, according to the instrument to be tested. Or, the user can simply load one of Noise XT’s pre-loaded generic profiles. These profiles can be chosen specifically to test an oscilloscope, a signal source analyzer, or a spectrum analyzer with phase noise features. Remote settings are through Ethernet.

The phase and amplitude noise from the PNG-A does not rely upon temperature, time, humidity, or other environmental conditions to perform perfectly. The phase and amplitude noise are always correct. Phase noise calibration can be performed on a ship, an airplane, a secured lab, or any manufacturing facility—all without requiring bothersome logistics.

Unique IP
Noise XT’s unique intellectual property is embedded in a complex FPGA. It has been engineered according to complex mathematical calculations; internal architecture allows continuous verification of the generated signal. The virtualization of the signal generation allows great flexibility as the PNG-A can generate a programmable phase or amplitude profile.

Key Specifications
Phase Noise profile setting:  -120 dBc/Hz to 0 dBc/Hz
Amplitude Noise profile setting:  -120 dBc/Hz to -80 dBc/Hz
Brownian and white noise combinations
Programmable spurious in offset and level from 1Hz to 1MHz and -80dBc to -20dBc

Price and availability 
The PNG-A will be available in 8 weeks upon receipt of order. Pricing starts at USD $2,950.

To contact Noise XT, visit, contact Guillaume De Giovanni at guillaume.degiovanni@Noise or call (516) 874-5696.

About Noise Extended Technologies

Noise XT test and measurement products are used throughout the world for demanding low phase noise applications.

Customers use Noise XT products for high-performance phase noise and jittersensitive applications such as ultra-low noise OCXO, surface acoustic wave oscillators (SAW), and optical-electrical-optical (OEO) microwave oscillators; RF and microwave amplifiers; pulsed microwave for radar; low-noise synthesizer design; and other demanding designs.

Noise eXtended Technologies S.A.S. is headquartered in Elancourt, France. For more information call +33-1-30-51-04-07, email info@Noise, or visit our Web site at www.Noise

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