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Sumitomo Electric to Expand its High Output Power C-band and X-band GaN Products for Radar Applications at IMS 2017

IMS Honolulu, HI – June 5, 2017 - Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd, a leading provider of advanced RF, wireless and optical communications solutions will introduce a series of new devices to its line of high power GaN products for C-band and X-band radar applications at IMS 2017 in Honolulu.  

GaN is a proven and reliable technology for radar applications.  Today’s radars provide larger detection area and improved early detection, all while reducing size and weight.  GaN provides very high power and bandwidth that improves performance.  GaN is the ultimate in performance and high power density. 

C-band New Product Key Features:

  • High Output Power: Psat=350W (Typ.)
  • High Gain: GP=12.8dB (Typ.)
  • High Power Added Efficiency: 53% (Typ.)
  • Frequency Band: 5.2 to 5.9GHz
  • Impedance Matched Zin/Zout = 50ohm
  • Hermetically Sealed Package

X-band ES/SGC0910-300A-R Key Features:

  • High Output Power: Psat=340W (Typ.)
  • High Gain: GP=9.3dB (Typ.)
  • High Power Added Efficiency: 38% (Typ.)
  • Frequency Band: 9.2 to 10.2GHz
  • Impedance Matched Zin/Zout = 50ohm
  • Hermetically Sealed Package

X-band SGM6901VU Key Features:

  • High Output Power: Psat=34W (Typ.)
  • High Gain: GP=23.3dB (Typ.)
  • Frequency Band: 8.5 to 10.1GHz
  • Impedance Matched Zin/Zout = 50ohm
  • 2-Stage, Hybrid Module in Hermetically Sealed SMT Package

Sumitomo Electric remains the leader in GaN and continues to lead in innovation and technology to help customers with lower costs and improved performance for next generation radar systems.

Visit Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations, Booth 1239, to learn more  

About Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.  

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. was established in 1897. With the history in electric wire and cable manufacturing, Sumitomo Electric has invested heavily over the years in research and development to expand and establish new businesses. These efforts have allowed us to create new products and new technologies, as well as diversify our business fields. Currently, we operate our businesses on a global basis in five segments: Automotive; Infocommunications; Electronics; Environment & Energy; and Industrial Materials. We will continue to contribute to society through environmental friendly and fair business activities globally.

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