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Quantic® Electronics to Showcase RF&MW Innovation for Mission-Critical Applications at IMS 2024 Booth #1251

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I., May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Quantic® Electronics today announced that it will exhibit at the 2024 International Microwave Symposium ("IMS") in Washington, DC, June 18th-20th. Engage with experts from Quantic and its businesses Quantic Corry, Quantic Eulex, Quantic MWD (Microwave Dynamics), Quantic M-Wave, Quantic Ohmega Ticer, Quantic PMI (Planar Monolithics), Quantic TRM, Quantic Wenzel and Quantic X-Microwave as they host live demonstrations and showcase new products for mission-critical electronics applications in Booth #1251.

Quantic Electronics to showcase RF&MW innovation at IMS2024, Booth #1251

Quantic is defining and delivering the future of mission-critical electronics, offering a portfolio of RF & microwave components, capacitors, resistors, magnetics, and sensing products. These reliable, off-the-shelf and purpose-built solutions empower customers to achieve significant advancements in speed, power, and density within their designs.

"We are excited to showcase our latest RF & microwave advancements in mission-critical electronics at IMS 2024," said Jessen Wehrwein, Chief Growth Officer, Quantic Electronics. "Our commitment to innovation and reliability ensures customers have access to the high-performance components they need to solve their difficult design challenges."

Highlights at Quantic Booth #1251 include:

  • Live demonstrations: Witness the exceptional performance of our ultra-low phase noise frequency control and timing components under vibration.
  • Interactive design environments:
    • Explore Quantic X-Microwave's Layout Tool – an online platform that simplifies part selection, layout, and analysis for signal chains built with X-MWblocks.
    • Analyze measured data for X-MWblocks, provided by AMCAD Engineering, a leading provider of testing, modeling and simulating RF electronic circuits.

Broad product portfolio: Discover a wide range of solutions, including:

    • 3U OpenVPX SOSA-aligned card assemblies and rapid prototyping capabilities.
    • Flexible RF/MW drop-in components (X-MWblocks) for accelerated prototyping.
    • Custom-designed passive and active RF/MW solutions, including RF filters, multiplexers, and switching products.
    • Ultra-low phase noise microwave components
    • A patented and disruptive gap capacitor designed as a replacement for the single-layer wire-bondable ceramic capacitor offering a gain of up to 20x capacitance
    • Power-dense hybrid tantalum capacitors ideal for pulsed power space applications
    • Embedded resistor solutions (OhmegaPly®, TCR®, and TCR-EHF®)
    • Leading passive waveguide and coaxial components, including isolators, circulators, adapters and terminators

Quantic will also feature in the following technical events:

  • Technical Symposium
    • Voice of the Founder Panel
    • Technical Paper | Incorporating Resistive Foil RF Attenuators and Equalizers into PCBs from DC to 67 GHz: Design, Analysis and Experimental Validation
      • Demonstration at Industry Showcase on Monday, June 17th at 3:10 PM
      • Paper Presentation on Tuesday, June 18th at 5 PM
      • John Richardson, CTO and Founder, Quantic X-Microwave and Lisa Wilhelm, General Manager, Quantic Ohmega Ticer
  • MicroApp Seminars
    • Bandwidth Trades in Passive Microwave Components
      • Thursday, June 20th at 9:30 AM
      • Shaun Moore, CTO, Quantic TRM
    • Improving Synthesizer Performance with Ultra-Low Phase Noise Frequency References
      • Thursday, June 20th at 2:30 PM
      • Mike Sawicki, Sales Engineer, Quantic Wenzel

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Quantic is an electronic component and integrated assembly company focused on defining and delivering the future of mission-critical electronics. We have over a century of combined experience as reliable problem-solvers and trusted partners in military, aerospace, industrial and commercial markets. For more information, visit

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